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Creativity and innovation

From Clarence Fisher (Remote Access) through Stephen Downes (Old Daily), a wonderful 20-minute videocast (70 zipped mb to download) from TED (Technology Education Design) featuring Sir Ken Robinson. This is an inspired presentation peppered with witty personal anecdotes illustrating kids’ … Continue reading

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Wide Open Spaces

Please update your feeds! Now that WordPress offers an import and export feature, I have moved all the content from all my blogs to Wide Open Spaces. Open house. See you there !

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English Conversations

English conversations (Practical Conversations for Language Learners) is a series of podcasts for EFL/ESL learners produced by Aaron Campbell and Mark White. Check out their stories on Africa, Thai and Japanese culture and themes like skin colour and feminism.

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Beewebhead’s Webgraph

Beewebhead’s Web Originally uploaded by beewebhead. This is the graph for Bee-coming a Webhead and I have made another one for my other blog at WordPress. It’s fun to see the little dots expanding and connecting. Both look like an … Continue reading

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WordPress as personal learning space

I am going to make an experiment. I do not have Moodle and do not feel like going into the trouble of installing and learning how to operate one now, first because I do not like it and second¬†¬†because it … Continue reading

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