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In and out of the box

Aaron points to the Blogging Toolbox: 120+ Resources for Bloggers. Useful for beginners, who have it all in one place, lists of links à la Web 1.0 are still useful apparently,malgre What I really love though is the Flickr … Continue reading

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Cultural and Technological Appropriation

celular antropafago Originally uploaded by fbar. François Bar has just sent me a link to the Abaporu blog, part of a research project he is doing with Francis Pisani and Matt Weber on the appropriation of new technologies, more specifically … Continue reading

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cogs, nodes & codes

My mind is exhausted, my thoughts fragmented… Many of the questions keep recurring, unanswered. No time or peace to dig deeper, digest or make sense. Cogs in the machine of industrial times, nodes in the knowledge network… emerging, harnessing, retrieving … Continue reading

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