22nd Tutor Mentor Conference

The 22nd Tutor Mentor Conference took place in Chicago on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th November in partnership with Digibridge (The Digital Workforce Education ), Tappedin and the WiA (Webheads in Action), an online community of practice I belong to.

I had already participated in one of the audio-conferences with Gallistel Language Academy on October 28th, together with three other webheads and the kids in Chicago were so happy to be part of it that we decided to make a small bilingual (English and Spanish) presentation with one of my classes of 9th graders so that instead of adults speaking, the kids could also have a go. Together with Andy Pincon, Karen Garcia, Bruce Neubauer and following Renata Suzuki’s inspiration and songs, we created a one-hour show featuring the students. Pictures and Comments

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