23rd Tutor Mentor Conference

Every six months, Dan Bassil hosts a conference to gather people interested in tutoring/mentoring and helping kids move from poverty to careers.

Have a look at the programme for the next eConference , which starts on May 6, 2005 hosted by Andy Pinçon and the Webheads in Action .
Aaron and I will be presenting on bringing Learners, Tutors, and Mentors together through Web-publishing at Blogstreams and Dekita.org. On Thursday, some students of mine are preparing a party for Gallistel School and another school in Mexico.

Invite your friends and their respective networks of colleagues to join us as virtual participants during this week. This international networking can increase the sharing of ideas and building of collaborations needed to increase resources and quality.

Update: Click here to view the schedule and all the recorded presentations.


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One Response to 23rd Tutor Mentor Conference

  1. Thanks to you and everyone else who joined the on-line conferences during May 6-12, 2005. If you know of others who are blogging about ways volunteer based organizations can help youth succeed in school, stay safe in non-school hours, and move more successfully to jobs and careers, please forward information to me at tutormentor2@earthlink.net