Australian Flexible Learning Community

I have just enrolled for the Australian Flexible Learning Community. and while updating my profile, Geoffrey Kaye from CompuED sent me a message. You can see who is logged in and text chat with members online. He was surprised to see someone from Brazil in an Australian AFLC ccommunity. (webheads are impossible! ). He asked me if I was interested in exploring the opportunity of delivering my teaching services using online audio conferencing :–)
I tried to log into the CompuED chat room several times, but apparently my Google pop-up blocker was interfering in the process and the application would not launch. Finally, I disabled the blocker, uninstalled the chat room , re-booted the computer and re-started the whole thing again. I managed to log in but by that time, Geoffrey had left (he’s 13 hours ahead of me…) so we will meet some other time. Will keep you posted.

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