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OpenEd 2009: Crossing the Chasm

I have just come across the June 15th post on the Open Education Conference  2009 site and realized that I am one day late for the travel scholarship offered for the event. Although the deadline was yesterday, June 30th, I … Continue reading

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Kids will be kids

Last January, my 5th blogging anniversary and the end of the sabbatical year went by without pomp or circumstance : 3 posts, sparse tweets, bookmarks and Flickr photos.  Although triggered or lead by digital events and networked conversations, most of … Continue reading

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Blogs in the classroom

Inevitable, preventable or it does not really matter? By BarryD. on Flickr

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2009 Horizon Report

The 2009 edition of the Horizon Report is being launched today at the ELI Conference in Orlando. The Horizon Report is a long-running  qualitative research project that seeks to identify and  describe emerging technologies likely to have a large  impact … Continue reading

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Did you know that…

The World Wide Web was invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee, who envisioned an open, universal information system connecting all people.  Now, despite the fact that many attribute to Tim Berner’s Lee the expression the read and write web and … Continue reading

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Campus Party Brasil 2009

Edney de Souza (Interney) is in charge of the Campus Blog at the 2nd edition of the national Campus Party, which will take place in São Paulo from January 19th to 25th  2009. The mega event,  sponsored by Futura Networks … Continue reading

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Black Sheep Only

Could not resist this invite from Cazé (Espaço Gafanhoto) in my inbox – Black Sheep Only and confirmed my presence for Wednesday, 17th (the Results ON Day)  to hear what an intrepid group of web entrepreneurs has to say about … Continue reading

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Ewout ter Haar (STOA) and Carolina Rossinni (Berkman Centre) organized an open informal meeting on Open Educational Resources at USP last Friday morning. Invited international speakers, Melissa Hagemann ( OSI ) and Joel Thierstein ( Associate Provost from Rice University and … Continue reading

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Same or different languages, cultures and practices?

Last August, I was honoured to receive an invitation from Larry Johnson and Alan Levine to join the New Media Consortium (NMC)  2008-9 Horizon Project Advisory Board (pdf file), a multi-disciplinary and international team whose annual work informs the annual … Continue reading

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Participatory Media and Practices

This week my interest and involvement with social media in education granted me another invitation to participate as an “interaction facilitator” by twittering the Roda Viva interview with Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia founder),  together with Pedro Markun (communicator and social activist) … Continue reading

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