Bubbleshare allows you to create your personal narrative by letting you upload a photo album and voice captions to go with it. Read how Aaron places it in the EFL/ESL classroom together with iPods and let your imagination wander. Things are becoming easier and easier and there are no technical excuses for not transforming your classroom into a creative studio, and encouraging students to produce their own content, according to their interests.

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4 Responses to Bubbleshare

  1. Frieda says:

    Thanks so much Bee !!!

    Another great resource ! I can’t wait to use it with my ESOL students. They will love it!

  2. Bee says:

    Yes, this is definitely a resource I am going to use with mine as well.

  3. Frieda says:

    Hi Bee

    I just realised that the only issue is that I won’t be able to record live in college…something to do with the firewall and the network…it takes too long to start recording, but even so it’s a great tool. They can still describe the photos using text.

  4. adware says:

    The doctor says that staying too much time in front of your PC screen is bad. lol I tihnk he will not

    take care of that neither if he visits your blog. . . 🙂