Full House

Full house at Tappedin last Sunday. 33 people from all over the world gathered for the Blogstreams Salon live chat with Ewan Mc Intosh. Ewan presented the blogging project with his students on a field trip to France and how fruitful and rewarding the experience was for all parties involved: students, parents, educators and management.

He insisted on the pedagogy behind the technology, a pedagogy of openness and cooperative work. He pointed out the digital divide in education is between those teachers who collaborate and who don’t. He stressed the possibility of connecting and interacting that blogs offer and urged teachers to make time for blogging, by commenting and sharing information, opening their classrooms and practice to the world.

Here you can find the informal transcript to the conversation that took place and that will later be edited and archived at Tappedin under the Blogstreams thread.

Next session at Blogstreams will be on Sunday March 5th at 21:00 with theme and guest speaker to be announced. Stay tuned 🙂

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