Open Participatory Environments

Later this morning I will be giving the presentation on Open and Participatory Webpublishing together with Patricia Glogowski, with whom I co-moderated the last EVO session on the subject. While preparing the handouts, I remembered the magazine cover and poster offered by Flickr Toys.
Here are the results, which just shows how all these social tools allow you to do your own thing, without intermediaries.

Cover of our handout:



Open Spaces

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5 Responses to Open Participatory Environments

  1. Aaron says:

    Very cool Bee – looks professional. I might try this in a few months for a flickr presentation I’m giving.

  2. Bee says:

    Yes, it was lots of fun playing with the different possibilities to create it.

  3. Bee, cool posters! Would love to see the reaction of my super with the second one hanging above my desk. Great reading!

  4. Bee says:

    Thanks Kelly
    Looking forward to seeing yours 🙂

  5. The top one looks like you in your SL avatar garb–met you at a Boracay meet–my SL name is Sandor Zabelin–you offered friendship and here I am in your RL blog–subscribed to it in my Google Reader, too…