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1st Web Curriculo

Last week (it’s already old news), we had the 1st WebCurriculo conference, which took place at PUC SP and was blogged and streamed live. I submitted a paper about my 10-year school experience using social tools, networks and interaction  in the … Continue reading

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On learning and instructional design

On the Online Toys and Tools discussion forum,  Sirin Soyoz from Istambul states As far as I experience, it is instructional design that facilitates learning and learners must take on new roles in the learning process. This is very much … Continue reading

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Here comes everybody

The Power of Organizing without Organizations I have just posted my introduction to the Moodle Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Course which is about to start. The course, which has already been nicknamed MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) because of the … Continue reading

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Observing and noting down

When observing and reacting, I relate first and foremost to human beings. I do not believe this springs from my need of belonging, building a role or forming a community. What I have observed: Some people trying to understand how … Continue reading

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Decision to participate

Fortunately, I do have some of the technical skills the course requires and know how to find my way in a distributed environment. However, as I mentioned before, I was consuming, commenting and contributing to f2f  encounters and trying to … Continue reading

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First steps

Socializing and Connecting As I joined late, I had a certain difficulty in finding who the other people from the course were for there was  little interaction with them in the first phase. There is an introduction thread in the … Continue reading

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