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The WiA get together to present at the Tesol 2007 EVO colloquium in Seattle. Nice to meet f2f all the people I have been working with online for so many years. We partied and laughed before the presentation. Teresa had to explain what was going on to participants.

The presentation was also transmitted online to participants who gathered in the Worldbridges chat and webcast monitored by Jeff Lebow and followed what we were saying through Skype together with the slides we had left online in the colloquium wiki.

However, as opposed to the TALO swapmeeting which occurred a week ago in Adelaide, the online element here predominated over the f2f, which is not a healthy combination either when we are doing it in both modes. I felt that although the group was was trying to pass forward the wonders of being connected, it was not curious to find out about the participants in the room and their previous experience in using these technologies, remaining very much closed within itself and its deeds, which confirms Stephen Downes’ graphic and post on the subject.

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