A better way to work

According to an article in Education World, serendipitously found on Google, on the first day of school, the secret to success is in the planning. It is also suggested you get a few personal items to help you make it through the year. They include: a diary, a personal appointment calendar, a personal survival kit and a sturdy canvas bag.

Today, however, I am not going back to school. After 24 years of uninterrupted school routine, the time has come for a sabbatical. Revise trajectories, re-think attitudes and behaviours, identify weaknesses/strengths and above all, give myself time to enjoy time.

The summer trip to OZ was the blaring glare, the first step outside the familiar comfort zone. The diary, calendar, survival kit and canvas bag came in handy and are ready for the next round. Ideas that have been floating in and out need to be put down on paper, studied, weighed and discussed. Planning starts today.

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