A videoconferencing experiment

This morning Venny (Taiwan) invited me through YM to join him in a video-conference room at Uvault. I plugged my cam and mic on and off I went into cyberspace. I landed smoothly in a room with 6 screens, a chat space and a login feature where I had to write my name and choose the connection speed. On the screens I saw Venny’s smiling face and Master Robin Good’s big grin(Italy)…he is the one responsible for the experiment.

The video and sound quality are excellent although there was some echo because Venny was not using his mic. The video images were coming fluid and there is also a possibility for users to freeze both sound and image , which eats less bandwidth and allows you to cough from time to time (my case) or stop interfering sounds from reaching the others.
Robin had to leave us but we invited Fernanda(Portugal) and Michael (Australia) to join. Sus tried to join us from Denmark as well but although she could hear and see us she could not login. Bizarre.
I logged in later and found Sus, Venny and Karen (USA)…apparently Sus’s problem was a very strict firewall control.

I took some a print screen for you to visualize an occupied room.

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