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Off to the second day of Blogcamp SP, an informal gathering of bloggers, journalists, midia crowd and social activists which is happening again at Espaço Gafanhoto. This year, besides the usual list of suggestions posted at the entrance, networking and conversations,  a number of workshops will be offered for those willing to learn more about Creative Commons, photography, php&html, webcomics and cartoons, corporate blogs, entrepreneurship. Also 4 Talks about bloggers mission – how the web can be used in public governance, attract and mobilize more people to participate in electoral process.

Yesterday afternoon, I gave a short introduction on Connectivism and showed the open models for learning happening at the Facilitating Online Communities course on Wikieducator and the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) about to start.

Juliano Spyer introduced me to Walter Fontoura and Helton Kuhnen from Coworkers, Manoel Fernandes from Bites.  I had also the pleasure of a long talk with Paula Signorini,  her husband Carlos Hotta and their partner Atila Iamarino,  biologists who have just started up Lablogatorios, a portal dedicated to Sciences and Environment.

Update: Today there were fewer people than yesterday, which allowed us to form several small discussion circles instead of the big presentation type full room. At lunch time I talked to Marcelo and Lyanne Maestrelli, a couple from Florianópolis, who already own BlaBlablogs, a collective blog opened for those who have something to say but not often enough to maintain their own blog. The couple have Vida de Viajante, a traveler’s blog which reflects their lifestyle. They chart itineraries, raise awareness to sustainable tourism, interview people they met during their trips, review places to stay and give suggestions on what to see and visit. Marcelo also has a YouTube channel through which he shows his work. An interesting and pleasant business model.

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