Blogging as freedom and as home

The Blogstreams Salon welcomes educators interested in blogging and international webpublishing projects. Members get together synchronously in the group room every Sunday at 21:00 GMT to chat informally, sort out doubts, examine and discuss innovative work, cutting-edge tools and international webpublishing projects. Once a month, we invite guests, experts in their fields, to make a presentation in the ASO room (After School Online).

Next Sunday August 14th, we have a special session with a very special person. Meet London-based artist/writer/philosophical cartoonist Natalie d’ Arbeloff and her cartoon alter-ego Augustine, whose blog “Blaugustine” won the award for the most beautiful and best designed blog in the 2004 Edublog Awards promoted by Incsub.

Read Natalie’s August 6th post INTERVIEW MEME: NATALIE’S (not Augustine’s) ANSWERS and discover how blogging freed her to be who she is and how it has become her virtual home with open windows to the world.

Join us at Tapped In (free membership)and engage in this conversation!

2 thoughts on “Blogging as freedom and as home”

  1. Dear Bee, I’m so sorry to be so late in coming here to thank you for organising that TappedIn conversation on August 14. I did very much enjoy meeting the other participants and experiencing the amazing internationality of cyberspace. In an online interaction, thanks to the technology (and to your invitation) I was able to communicate with educators in several countries, all at once. And, with more time, we could have been talking in several languages. I have been completely wrapped up in the work I’m doing and the latest “God interview” cartoon strip, so I’m afraid I lost track of time. My apologies for the delay and sincere thanbks for all your encouragement.

  2. Obrigada a você, Natalie por ter aceitado de vir à nossa reunião e partilhado conosco seu trabalho, idéias e visão.

    (Thank YOU, Natalie, for having accepted to come to our meeting and sharing with us your work, ideas and vision).


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