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  1. Hi Bee,

    Excuse me, but my english is very very badly… so I will write in portuguese, sorry (to your audience):

    No que diz respeito à edublogsfera, isso pode ser explicado (esqueci agora de quem é exatamente a autoria) devido à secular tradição de falar dos professores!

    Daí a transição para os aplicativos (como quer a Suzana) acabar repetindo os mesmos "cacuetes"… De todo modo, os blogues podem fomentar esta ruptura!


  2. Hello Bee Im feeling that blogs are essential to much future work…even if the medium completely changes the evolutionary route will assist students bound for the workforce. The opportunity to collaborate, mix multimedia, e commerce, tool development,share opinions/designs/ideas.

    The diverse skills are future/now desired skills. Web building (blogging) is fun! The engagement with the source of content is rivetting! Compared to a textbook….but to remix it and create anew pretty cool tool (blog/microblogs) especially when Opensource to boot. Accountability and transparency and courage notwithstanding!

  3. Hi Bee and all

    Excuce me again by portuguese 🙁

    Eu concordo que rola este efeito "cool" do uso dos blogues! Não acho que o uso, por si só, produza as mudanças na forma como organizamos nossas aulas e etc..

    Mas o uso os blogues coloca em evidência o quanto precisamos mudar! E aí teremos de tudo… quem fica só no " oh cool" 🙂 , quem desiste e quem tenta se apropriar da ferramenta para produzir grandes ou pequenas rupturas!

    E sim, os blogues podem simplesmente se tornarem em mais uma forma de "enformar" nossas aulas, nosso modo de ensinar e/ou o pensamento dos alunos.

    Mas sempre haverá aqueles (ouvi Bee!) que nos convidam a pensar para não caírmos nesta armadilha!


  4. Hi Sergio,

    As long as we manage to communicate, any language is fine. I agree with you that teachers talk way too much and tend to replicate the traditional educational framework using new tools. From what I understand you mention at the end of your comment is that blogs (the platform, the tool) will trigger this change by themselves.

    As I see it, for many blogging is just a copybook online (traditional mindset) or the latest trend to be adopted, like for instance:

    Oh, how cool …here is a spoon… what am I going to cook/prepare so I can use it? or if blogging is imposed "let's eat soup every day to practise how to use the spoon " and "oh..you are not using a spoon/ or drinking soup from a bowl…you do not understand how education works!" or "The more spoonfuls of soup you eat, the more points you will get and the more satisfied your teacher/audience will be ". Obviously I am exaggerating for dramatic effect but the process goes the other way round…here is soup – I only have my hands (or a knife). No way I can eat it without getting dirty and gluey. Is there anything I can use instead to make the process easier ? If there isn't, can I make/invent it ?

    My questions is whether blogging will end up being another dehumanizing and mechanical classroom chore / instrument for control like many LMS have become , whether there is a need to evangelize and tell people what this is all about or would that be an interference and it does not really matter because blogging in itself will bring about change, so be zen about it.

    • A forma como estão sendo usados por uma grande maioria que replica o modelo convencional de sala de aula ou que se serve do blog como veículo de lição de casa desencoraja os alunos e possíveis leitores/interlocutores.

  5. Blogging prepares students for the future and world, one that is technically and technologically ever-evolving. It is for a free play of their ideas and learning and sharing them. I guess it is a good step towards their sustenance for future.

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