Clumsy move

Lost my template once again…and had not saved it anywhere 🙁 so had to choose a new look. All the previous comments are on Haloscan…I wonder whether I can recover them and place them on the older posts. Must insert all my blogroll again, feed andall…argh. It is definitely the end of the year and I am at the end of my tether.
On the positive side, quand même, this will force me to re-organize my links and remind me to keep a backup for the future… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Clumsy move”

  1. Bee, I’m so sorry you lost your wonderful, clearly organised links and the comments on Haloscan ;’-( . Have you tried to recover them? I suppose it might be possible…
    Uściski i całuski!

  2. Thanks Agatha .I have the links but have not yet found time to go into the template. Must be really at ease to attack it or else will lose everything again. As for Haloscan, well…I guess I must insert it where it does not conflict with the blogger comments. Do not know if I can have both.


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