Cyberlangues 2004

Cyberlangues is a French association of foreign language teachers who use CALL and new technologies in their classrooms. Every year since 2000, teachers have been getting together f2f for three days in summer to share their practice and experience.

This year, the colloquium will take place on 24th, 25th and 26th August in Orléans and will be coordinated by Alain Krizic, EFL teacher at the Lycée Charles Péguy.

There are a number of different speakers and I will be among them doing a two-hour workshop on blogs in language learning on August 25th from 12:00 to 14:00 GMT. As I cannot afford a trip to Orléans and am not on holidays at present, this will be an audio-conference on Alado net.

I am planning to have about 15 interaction at the beginning so that people can introduce themselves, 40 minutes devoted to the basics of blogging, characteristics and possible uses/examples of blogging in the classroom with some guest speakers talking about their experience using blogs, 15 minutes for Q&A and opening a blog and finally about 50 minutes of interaction using and configuring a blog. Some rehearsing time must go into it beforehand so I keep to the alloted time and practise my French, as this is the language all presenters will be using 🙂

There will be about 25 teachers in Orléans, 7 local teachers before me in the computer room at school and about 6 to 7 webheads scattered around the world. I just hope technology will not fail me on D day. Yahoo Messenger and/or Tapped In will be open just in case…

The whole workshop will be recorded and made available from the Cyberlangues and Alado site. I will add the links once they are available.

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