E-learning at Home

My son, a young college student, has no time to go to a language school to perfect his English. He did two or three holiday courses but would like to stay in contact with the language and develop his reading and understanding.

When he was at high school, mother and teacher struggled to share some of the knowledge in the subject. I must sadly confess that very rarely did I manage to develop at home the nurturing and convivial learning atmosphere we all know is so important for progress.

Hope ,however, is the last to die.

After seeing me relentlessly working online with my students, he finally asked me whether I would mind giving him something to read and practice on the net. Although we live in the same house, we work the whole day and only see each other during diner, not a perfect moment to discuss and I did not want to embark on the same situation we had lived before so I proceeded with great care.

First I sent him an email, inviting him to join a blog and giving him the instructions on how to do it. Then sent him some material to listen to, do exercises and asked him to send me the answers to correct, which I send back through mail. He is now keeping a logbook of his progress and leaving messages and comments for me to read.

So here we are, both facing our screens , the mother/teacher in the living room and the son in his room, working together in “a strange and compelling combination of anonymity and intimacy” .

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