Explode Web 2.0

For Web. 2.0 lovers here is a fantastic Web directory to browse, pick and choose.

I have taken a tour of Vidipedia (free video encyclopedia anyone can edit), put my name down for Dandelife (a social biography network) and Quizlet (a tool for learning vocabulary) and will see if I can contribute with some quotes to Quotiki..

Not in the directory yet, but riding the social networking wave, Ben and Dave from Elgg launch Explode, which I have also joined. Aaron did a quicker and finer job reviewing it though so much easier to link back to him 🙂

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  1. Bee –

    Glad you like Dandelife. If there’s every anything I can do to make it a more worthwhile, let me know. It’s a nice little community we’re building together.



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