Global Learn Day VIII

Global Learn Day starts on November 21st at 0:00 GMT(tonight at 10:00 pm in Sao Paulo, Brazil) and goes on non-stop for 24-hours. This yearly educational voyage around the 5 continents , initiated by John Hibbs from the Ben Franklin Institute, showcases highly innovative activities in education and internet technology.

This year topics will cover:

  • benefits and challenges of international education
  • free and low cost online collaboration tools
  • videoconferencing to support problem-based learning
  • digital story telling
  • global learning implementation models
  • accessibility issues – challenges and solutions
  • gender equity issues – challenges and solutions
  • special education issues – challenges and solutions
  • higher education issues – challenges and solutions
  • online safety and security issues – challenges and solutions
    and more…

You are all invited to join us by logging into the Talking Communities Audio-conference room. Listen to what different educators around the world have to say and make your voice heard by participating in the regional round table discussions.

1 thought on “Global Learn Day VIII”

  1. On hears these words “there is no way to adequately describe….” that they have almost become meaningless.

    But, in the case of *whatever* Bee does, and most particularly about her Keynote for Global Learn Day Eight, Bee was “beyond description”.

    This is an amazing woman with a performance that brought both big cheers and big applause. Thank you Bee!!!
    John Hibbs

    P.S. You can find out what I had to say about Bee and her “Twin” here:


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