Instructional Design

Instructional Design , presented by Paula Carolei and Andrea Filatro , will be the next meeting (of a series) organized by Praxis. Once a month, actors from various institutions of the educational scene here in Sao Paulo get together f2f  to network and talk about our practice. Although we are all highly connected  and/or very much interested in new technologies, the online exchange is still incipient, centralized on a Moodle platform mostly used as a message board and list, with very little leeway for collaboration ( something I have already complained about some time ago), and which fortunately our two newcomers seem to want to challenge with a preparatory activity.

As a warm-up, we were asked to brainstorm on what instructional design means to us, deconstruct it and contribute to the forum with a non-verbal representation of how we see it.  We are allowed to use images, symbolic audio-visual material or daily and concrete images of our professional space.

This is how I represented my vision of Instructional Design using CC images I got by typing tags to Peter Shank’s  Flickr CC and uploading them to Flickr Toys Mosaic Maker. I could have used VoiceThread and some music…but then words are forbidden.

Not sure it makes much sense without explaining but maybe you would like to give it a try. How would you interpret it? Is there anything you do not quite understand or missing from your perspective?

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