Introduction to podcasting in EFL/ESL

A special Blogstreams Salon Session (Tappedin ASO*) on Sunday June 19th at 21:00 GMT.

This week, Barcelona-based teacher GRAHAM STANLEY will share with us his enthusiasm for podcasting, a new way of delivering audio content to students and other teachers that is growing more and more popular every month.

A member of the new TEFL podcasting forum, Graham has just started experimenting with podcasts, but hopes to transmit his excitement about podcasting to other teachers. Why should you become involved in podcasting for your students? What is the difference between a podcast and a webcast? How can you start podcasting?

In preparation for the session, Graham would like participants to send short audio comments and questions to him at These questions and comments will be edited into a podcast which will form part of the future Blogstreams Salon session.

The presentation is free and open to interested EFL/ESL teachers and bloggers.

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