Learning in the 21st Century

Alex Hayes, Janet Hawtin and other members of the TALO list are mobilizing a “Learning in the 21st Century” f2f round table and discussion on Safety and Privacy online. It will hopefully involve not only educators but also parents, students, IT staff, management and other members of the community. It is extremely important that people listen and become aware of the different perspectives. Restricting openness or prohibiting access to the Web is often based on fear/hearsay or paranoia.

I have recorded an mp3 file with my contribution and gathered some reference links.

International visibility is a shield for threatened journalists – Unesco Courier
Freedom of Expression – a right to be taught – Unesco Courier
The Byron Report
Teach Today
On Guard Online
Childnet: Blogsafety Website

The Berkman Centre, in the framework of their Digital Natives Symposium will be streaming a webcast symposium on the issues of identity and privacy online on 2nd.

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