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I have just written my first post at Live Journal, which I had opened some time ago but never used. It’ll be my personal journal, where I can jot any ideas that come to my head. As this one focuses more on blogging and learning in general, I found it was not the place to post my musings, rants and lores. It’ll also serve as a place to experiment with a new tool, what it offers and how it can be used…the tech comments will be placed here.

First impressions:
Although it offers a number of layout and personalisation options, I find it more complicated to navigate than this one. At least for newbies/basica and intermediate students. I like the list of adjectives offered with the smilies. Good practice and fun for EFL students.

I tried the spellchecker. The word blogging apparently has not yet been inserted in the dictionary, although this is what I am doing now. According to the spellchecker I should be “bogging, logging, clogging, flogging, slogging, bilging, blocking, bulging, boggling, bigging, blowgun, belonging, befogging, bagging, begging, bugging, lagging, legging, lugging, blowing, bonging, blighting”, instead. The Blogger dictionary suggests the same…lol

I cannot switch freely from HTML to Rich Text as in Blogger. Once you have placed the html code on the page it refuses the other mode, which is not very practical. Here I just move from Edit HTML to Compose and it works.

So this is what there is for the time being. Going to have some coffee and do some other work 😉

1 thought on “My new personal space at Live Journal”

  1. Hi Bee,
    I also created a new blog in LiveJournal but I agree with you that I think I will stick to Blogger. It’s either that I have got used to Blogger after all the experiments I have carried out in these past two weeks or that Blogger can be improved upon once you realise how to use a bit of HTML. I will miss the smilies in LiveJournal but I think that can be solved. I copied and pasted one onto my blogger blog and it is still there.
    I see you have the Skype it icon in your sidebar … do you do that adding a tag in HTML?
    I also spent part of this cold Sunday afternoon reading this ebooklet you created which I think is fantastic. The fact that you included screenshots with the kind of work you do with your students was particularly interesting to me as EFL teacher. I wasn’t able to access the site that leads to your mystery guest but I managed to read your students comments on this guest.
    Well, I must now go back to my pre-Will Richardson session readings.


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