Powepoint Presentation and Plans: stats and chat box

I have just followed the Power Point Presentation about how to be a moderator and present at Talking Communities. I get amazed at how fast technology is developing and all the tools that we can use to enhance our teaching. They also offer us FREE 300 minutes in a room of our own to present – or just practice with our own material. I will engage in this next.

Anyhow, back to blogging. Now I am going to try and change the template of my blog. I do not want it to be all orange but would like some blue. So…moving to the Template area…then I copy the whole code and paste it on a blank page of Dreamweaver…and play around with colours and code.

My next stop will be to add a counter so that I can see how many visits I have a day (check your attendance) and if this is becoming at all popular :-).

Finally, I am still planning to add a chat box and a comment line so that you can interact with me. I will document it as well.

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