“Project M” – a Virtual European Game using Open Source

Project M is the result of a joint effort of 6 innovative organisations from three EU member states to produce an online game with learning focused on global change, media literacy and critical thinking.

What is interesting is how the whole game is structured on role play and uses Free and Open Source Software, like Tikiwiki for instance, allowing for great teamwork. Worth a visit as it gives ideas on how to use the wiki system even more creatively.

Participants have to create a logo and a slogan and are given several assignments which earn them points to win the game.

I am very curious to know how it is going to develop. Lots of material for meanigful interaction and collaborative work. Definitely an exciting experience for learners of all ages.

“Tool up. Make sure you’re no ‘rebel without a clue’. Learn about communication, media manipulation and power play. Play Project M and determine the future of the world.”

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