Bird in Bariloche, which Ale Weser posted to her blog and Aaron’s subsequent comment on it, took me to a poem I wrote about 4 years ago… funny how connections are made.

Many would like to be that bird
perched on top of the tall eucalyptus tree
ready to stay or fly away
free to go where they see fit
with no rules to keep them from itone must be able to break loose
to have the choice , the voice
and to make it come true
in spite of the birds of prey
who see things the other way

this wild nature in us
may seem inappropriate, indecent , insane
for the regulated society set
and yet
this is exactly what gives us our name

rebels of the world unite
creating may not give money or fame
it’s a hard fight and to become a knight
one must taste defeat and eat it
without shame.

our chant though
is not pie in the sky
let’s try to fly far
with our own wings
not to fear or retreat
but to sing aloud
for the world to hear
the doings and every feat

so as to make it move closer
to a more sustainable and tolerant beat.

7 thoughts on “Rebels”

  1. A haiku Aaron…on the natural chain…birds of prey feeding on smaller birds, larger fish on small fish 😉

    I have been trying hard to format my text here…have not yet managed to get it right…ahhh…could do with a course in CSS. Mandarin design has some nice tips…but it takes time.


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