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Last weekend I was at my parents (85 and 79). I happened to read an article about SL in a local magazine and started commenting it with my mother who could not understand what I was talking about. As they now have a very impressive system at home (an uncluttered Pentium 4 and broadband connection), I decided to download Second Life and show them. Before going for a real stroll on the beach on Sunday morning, I managed to contact JoKay who teleported me to Wasp and gave me some notes where to get freebie clothes. After the walk, I connected again and this time landed in EduNation, where I took a tour of the island and managed to meet some webheads : Gavin, two Susans and Chris Eggplant. Later, I got in touch with Baldric, Fire Centaur from Korea, Wonderallica from Uruguay and Johan from the Netherlands, who took me for a stroll but whom I lost when my screen froze again. Fortunately we had exchanged our blog addresses on Elgg so I got to know a bit more about him. My mother just looked at me as if I were totally bats when I started choosing my wardrobe at Citizen’s Plaza and tried it on.

Yesterday I met some more webheads on Aqua but there was a lot of lag and I could not see them. Some great shopping around but way too expensive so I tried to go back to get the freebies but the computer screen froze and I was left hanging in there together with other half naked bodies.

This end of the afternoon, I tried to connect to Second Life after a tiring day at school , just to to recover my body but the whole system was under maintenance so could not do much.
I am amazed at my reactions in this environment and MUCH more self-conscious than in real life!

I got thoroughly embarassed when I found out (by looking atr myself from a different perspective) that my chosen skirt was way too short and that when I crossed my legs people would see my underpants.

I flew and bumped into many reserved and protected areas (got even a police warning) until I found an empty house (which is for rent) to change my appearance. Sus asked me if I was a squatter. Well…not exactly.As I told her, I felt the need for a space where I would not be interrupted in my experiments. Yet, I have not bookmarked it so I will have some trouble in finding it again. Nice view.
And the second bizarre reaction is that although I am on a free membership, which means I know I am homeless, I got worried about leaving my body unattended there and logged in to retrieve it. Go and figure.

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