Students Making Exercises

My 8th grade students had much fun today learning their irregular verbs. Instead of giving them the usual exercises to practise or memorize the 3 columns and the translation, I asked them to make the exercises themselves using Mike Capstick´s Quiz generator for the Bankrupt Game . I posted the instructions on bloki, which they had to follow step by step. After completing their task, they saved the exercise in a quiz folder and played each other´s games. We ended up with 55 exercises produced and now they have many options to choose from, which will be put on the intranet, once I have checked them all.

I suggested they do the same at home, everytime they want to revise their verbs.

This kind of activity engaged them the whole 50 minutes, during which they were dynamically participating and creating something which is usually considered a boring task. I could also observe their level of autonomy while they dealt with written instructions. When playing the different quizzes later, they also made comments on their peers´ productions.

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