The Open Classroom

La Clase Abierta (The Open Classroom) is a blog in Spanish published by Isabel Leal, a teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language, who worked both in Rumania and France, and her brother Jose Leal, who works for the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Spain and contributes regularly to Aula and Diagonal, El Mundo educational supplements.

The aim is to bring to attention practical examples and reflections on blogging, wikis, podcasts and other social tools to serve as a reference for other teachers and encourage them to use these tools, open their classrooms to the world and incorporate change.

Isabel contacted me for an interview (pdf file) on my own projects, which I did in French and she translated into Spanish, picking some photos my students had posted on Flickr for a class project we did ealier this year. She also covered the Dekita project.

Thank you, Isabel and Jose! It is important we form communities of practice, acknowledging each otherĀ“s work, networking and sharing resources and experience.

I wish you success in your new venture!

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