Tweets on 2008-07-15

  • #edutechbr just bough two more books: Metaphors and Emotion (easy going) + Research Methods in Applied Linguistics by Dornyei (tough read) #
  • #edutechbr @anamariacult I am sure you will do wonderfully! Thank you for your help in yesterday’s session. #
  • #edutechbr Critical Literacy in ELT Project by Cris Lima and Nella de la Fuente #
  • #edutechbr reporting from conference – Hornby Forum : participants have introduced themselves..going now to present their projects #
  • @connectivitas join us…still cleaning up the place – should be ready at the end of the month. #
  • #edutechbr following another round of twitterers/recovering from last night’s coconut drinks – Graham, you OK? Tonight no excesses. #

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