Virtual worlds, real learning?

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Stumbled across the Eduserv symposium when Alan Levine posted a reminder on Twitter.

My first time video/sound combination of real and virtual in SL. Very exciting to think of the possibilities it offers, but the connection was slow so I had trouble in following it and got disconnected.

As Stephen Downes pointed out, SL is not an “open environment ” and as such does not cater for those who need it most. Very true, but then this should not stop us from experimenting with it and trying to find ways to make it more available to all.

Virtual worlds imitate but also extend the real world – by learning how to interact within them may provide better insights on how we understand and react to certain issues and behaviours. Using this knowledge to advance a better real world is what makes these virtual worlds so inspiring.

5 thoughts on “Virtual worlds, real learning?”

  1. I think Alex there is a time for everything and people have different opinions and perspectives depending on their background, experience and character. What works for some, may not work for others. What you see as an opportunity, may be an obstacle for them.

  2. Obstacles are in the eye of the beholder.
    Identify them, discuss them, acknowledge them, defuse them and move forward.


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