Welcome to the Hornby Summer School 2006 Mother Blog!

Here you will find links to interesting readings online, announcements, reflections, gossip 🙂 and the blogroll of the participants. In a nutshell, a record of the high points of this 10-day event in Brazil.

Enjoy your stay and experience. In your own blogs, practise using this new technology! Take a little time each day to gather your thoughts, insights, doubts and questions on the points covered during the workshops and discussions. Record your learning process. Check other people’s posts, comment on them or take one of their points and discuss it in your blog. Tell a story and illustrate it with a picture!

Once you are back home, keep your blog alive by feeding it with links and reflections. Document your findings, keep in touch with others from a distance using your Bloglines account.

Remember. A blog establishes your presence online, your own publishing space.

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