WiAOC2007 and Barcamp Floripa

I will be participating in two events on the same weekend – from May 18th to May 20th I will be inFlorianopolis, SC attending Barcamp Floripa.

The first barcamp in Brazil also happened in Florianopolis …but last Septembe, when I was flying to NZ for the FLNW. Barcamp SP, which I was very much looking forward to, I could not attend either. When the date was finally decided upon, it happened to be right on the WE I was flying back from the Tesol conference in Seattle 🙁

Now, it coincides with the Webheads in Action Online Convergence, the theme of which is CONNECT: Conversations on Networking, Education, Communities, and Technology. So it’s meant to be and I will be trying to connect and broadcast the conversations from both conferences.


Keynote speakers at Wiaoc, unlike the barcamp or unconference model, were invited to participate about 2 months ago and asked to send their abstracts and preferred venue. Michael Coghlan, however, has suggested an unconference slot, so maybe this might be the convergence time for the two conferences…if we manage to get these two unplanned slots together…

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