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Out of the box and off the hook

Juggling with two courses online which are so totally unrelated and switching from one mindframe to another is not easy. Who knows in this way different synapses and areas of the brain will be activated :-). At my age this … Continue reading

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A Lecture Musical Prank

I have just serendipitously surfed on this student musical production and had a good laugh. A creative way to denounce the boredom of some of the lectures we had to (and some still have to) attend at the university.

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Live Blogging Platform

How does it feel to be an independent TV broadcaster? Although still in beta, Moguluspromises to give you everything you need to launch your own live 24/7 television broadcaster, blending your webcam, video clips from YouTube, and your own original … Continue reading

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Awakening The Heroes Within

Through Stephen Downes I got this tip to Make Internet TV, which comes in handy as I am planning to have a group of students produce their own hero journeys using one of Carol Pearson’s heroic archetypes. Planning, writing , … Continue reading

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A turn of twitters

While loading my photos from London to Flickr, I surfed toLeigh´s wiki, clicked on Graham Wegner, who is teaching generation Z. I eyeballed his Authentic Identity, laughed at the identification with Hugh McLeod’s cartoon, which I repost here (so you … Continue reading

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Lilian Starobinas , blogging at Discurso Citado, points me to Mojiti, a new platform and tool through which you can collect your favorite videos from top video sharing sites online and bring them all together to one place, transforming a … Continue reading

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Connect is the buzz word at the moment. It is what is going to be discussed during the conference organized by Georges Siemens on Connectivism starting tomorrow at the University of Manitoba It is also the theme (ConNECT – Conversations … Continue reading

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Digital Director’s Guild

The Digital Directors Guild provides pedagogical and technical resources, examples, tips and forum to help teachers with digital movie making so they can guide the students to create their own videos.

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Creativity and innovation

From Clarence Fisher (Remote Access) through Stephen Downes (Old Daily), a wonderful 20-minute videocast (70 zipped mb to download) from TED (Technology Education Design) featuring Sir Ken Robinson. This is an inspired presentation peppered with witty personal anecdotes illustrating kids’ … Continue reading

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Got this indication through Isabel Teixeira from Brasilia. Vimeo is a site for organizing and sharing video clips. Update: First experience – shot some short sequences of my dogs this Sunday MARCH 19TH View this clip on Vimeo View this … Continue reading

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