Out of the box and off the hook

Juggling with two courses online which are so totally unrelated and switching from one mindframe to another is not easy. Who knows in this way different synapses and areas of the brain will be activated :-). At my age this is vital. So here I am out of the box of variables and accountable “taylored” algorithms for measuring productivity to engage in  tinkering to produce a storytelling exercise for Jim Groom’s ds106 course.

Lisa Lane made an excellent post summarizing and reacting both to Professor Gardner Campbell’s short article titled “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure and his thought-provoking presentation at the 2009 Open Education Conference called “No More Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable About Open Educational Experiences”, which Tom Woodward brilliantly remixed in audio.

My first story is very simple and it remixes photos I took when I traveled to Buenos Aires last April and visited an adorable design shop full of fun household objects, among which Etelvina, who was made into the main character of my story.

The movie is too linear for my taste and not a very daring exercise in the use of new tools. However, I wanted to use what I had at hand and also upload it to my server instead of having it in some bizarre locked format somewhere else. Photos and text were put on a ppt and converted to jpgs. The song Off the Hook by CSS (a Brazilian band)  was taken from their video on YouTube, converted into mp3 with Miro Video Converter, edited in Audacity and exported again to mp3. The whole lot was thrown into iMovie and exported saved as m4v and converted into mp4 with Miro. It was uploaded through my CPannel to my server at Joyent.  I have just noticed I have not added a CC License (BY/SA/NC)  to it so will re-do it this weekend. Enjoy! etelvina (mp4)

On YouTube

2 thoughts on “Out of the box and off the hook”

  1. That was a lot of fun, I loved seeing the stuffed animal chickens hanging from the hooks, that first image grabbed me. And the "off the hook" song and the general theme of breaking away from the hanging chickens was awesome. Fine work. Now how do you feel that Alan Levine whole no chickens crusade: http://cogdogblog.com/2011/01/12/no-chicken-photo

    Kinda questionable right? 🙂 Why are chickens becoming an emerging theme in #ds06? Very interesting, and welcome aboard, this will be fun, and your process points are awesome, thank you.

    • It was fun to make it as well, Jim. Funnily enough it was Alan's chicken crusade that reminded me of the chicken photos I had taken during my trip to Argentina. No action without a reaction, I guess 🙂
      I have edited the slides a bit so as not to have too much text on each, corrected the flow of the music (tried not to have the singing overlap the captions to avoid overloading cognitive processing), added a CC license and uploaded it also to blip.tv so as to have a lighter version.


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