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The first barcamp Sao Paulo will be held on the weekend of March24th/25th at Casper Libero, a school for communication and new media.

A barcamp, very much like an unconference, brings together people who are interested in technology and internet and who are willing to exchange ideas, experience, collaborate. It is an informal event with no closed schedule or presenters – the presentations are decided on the fly as participants arrive the first day in the morning.

Among the most popular themes discussed on the list are Ruby on Rails, Web 2.0 label hype, the Social Web in education, blogfarms, open source software, content management platforms, e-books, copyright, digital TV, long tail and its implications, crowdsourcing, M generation, snack culture, second life and participatory media.

Unfortunately, although I was among those who first, together with the organizers, contributed to brainstorming for the event, I will not be present on the first day as I will flying back from Seattle (Tesol conference).

My consolation prize is that I will be meeting Fran├žois Bar this week (through Sus Gutierrez). Fran├žois is involved in a research project looking at the socio-economic impact of mobile phones and wireless in Latin America and I am taking him to meet Cesar Nunes at Escola do Futuro (Cesar is on the MobilED project with Teemu Leinonen).

Hopefully, just by listening to these exchanges, some pixie dust should make its way to my brain preventing it from rusting beyond repair in the routine I am immersed in.

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  1. Hey Bee!!! It’s Caroline! =D
    I would like to know if you left blogger for good…
    Cause I want to restart blogging again, but I don’t want a Google account >

  2. Now, this is a piece of interesting news. I did not know you had been here. Looking forward to meeting you and I am sure we will have many things to talk about.


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