Can RSS help learners and educators?

Listening now to Mary Harrsch’s presentation at Learning Times. 16 people in the room and Mary is sharing with us her historical sites and photos while she explains how to use different tools like Flickr and how they help her create a community of practice around shared interests.

Some sentences and themes that are emerging while I moderate the chat and do some live blogging:

” learning from others … “creating a synergy with people by using weblogs”

“sharing and considering different points of view”

“The beauty of RSS is that anyone can publish and you can get authentic narratives, from the horse’s mouth and not filtered information.”

Furl enables people to read what you write and also what you read.

Weblogs and RSS are great for research and syndicating learning objects.

Creating opportunities for people to meet and greet other professionals in the field…expanding your community of practice.

Must leave you now…watch out for the recording to have the whole picture.

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