Context Filters

Context Filters for the Online Connectivism Conference taking place this week.

Conference tag: OCC2007

Context filters serve the critical role of extending and interpreting the ideas of each presenter. Traditional conference place the expertise “up on stage”. In an online conference, everyone has the opportunity to be an expert from their own context.

Tony Forster
engagement in relevant and authentic tasks.

Graham Wegner
Student initiated curriculum

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Voice for the Voiceless

Mel Chua

Student/younger generation

Vicki Davis

Virginia Yonkers
Business and workplace education/training

Chris Sessums
Issues of Poverty

Clarence Fisher
Rural K-12

Jo McLeay
Personal teaching experiences

Darren Kuropatwa
K-12 – Senior High School

Michael Hotrum

Higher Education

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