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Josie Fraser announces for the third time the Edublog Awards, which recognizes and promotes excellence in the educational use of social software. I won it in 2004 and Dekita got the award in 2005. It is nice to have your work in the area recognized, especially when all this is a labour of love, done voluntarily, without any backing or support from any sponsors.

This is my blog profile according to Lilia Efimova’s criteria
Although my blogging is related to the work I do, it covers areas which are of interest to me and helps me to get to know, relate and network with people in those particular areas. It is part of my own lifelong learning and professional development as the institution I work for does not acknowledge or provide for much of it.

So below is the list of blogs I recommend and whom I have nominated for the edublogs award . Although there are many others I read, consult and hold in highest esteem, I have not included them here because either they have already won or because the name and address just slipped my mind 🙁 Sad, but happens very often.
Have a look and if you feel they deserve it, nominate them as well
If they are not chosen, well, here is my personal nomination and a big thank you to all of you who have contributed to my own learning in the past year 🙂

Best audio and/or visual blog
Absolutely Intercultural

Bardwell Road

Best group blog

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Teacher Connect

Best individual blog
Anne Davis should be hors concours category 🙂

Ewan McIntosh (the energy generated is incredible)

Most influential post, resource or presentation (not sure whether this should be on a blog or not)

The Webheads in Action 24-hour Online Convergence between 18-20, 2005, which brought together EFL/ESL presenters on CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) from over the world
in various venues and attended by around 360 educators around the world and which generated proceedings
in May 2006
in August 2006
(on P2P and social tools : )

Leigh Blackall’s presentation at Global Summit, AU – Teaching is dead…long live learning (Leigh Blackall’s presentation at Global Summit, AU)

Best newcomer

Cool Cat Teacher – Vicki Davis, USA

Network Learning -Steven Parker, AU

Best research paper on social software within learning and teaching

Elearning and Beyond
Coming of Age

Best teacher blog

Leigh Blackall, NZ
Clarence Fischer, CA

Best wiki use
Quentin D’Souza

Peter Twinning’s Schome

There are so many more I would like to include so, maybe next year they should come into different categories – like primary, secondary school and university and also different languages.

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  2. Hi Bee,

    thank you very much for nominating ‘absolutely intercultural!’ for the Edublog Awards! We are really honored and are glad that you like the show.

    Well, we all hope you’ll stay tuned… =)


    (Editor of AI)

  3. Oh my Bee, I am more than delighted for your nomination for Teachers Teaching Teachers for the Group Award… I am just speechless and thankful. I feel so lucky to work with you and the others. What did I ever do before?


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