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The first Educacamp in São Paulo which will bring together edubloggers takes place at Espaço Gafanhoto next Saturday, June 28th. It has been organized by Lucia Freitas (read Ladybug), Ceila Santos and Cybele Meyer. It will be a good opportunity for me to get acquainted with more local educators and find out what how they envisage using technology in the classroom and the issues faced. Some of the themes that have already surfaced on blogs and discussions groups are:

Cybele: Using ICT as learning platforms/tools and their daily use in the classroom

Aracnus : Wiki as a tool for collaborative projects + free resources on the net.

Lilian Starobinas: Technology – what are the learners’ expectations?

Semíramis: The role of the teacher in the new ICT educational context – suggest activities that can be integrated into the different subjects. How to integrate culture and information to the daily life of students without losing focus on content acquisition.

Barbara Dieu (Bee) : the most common issues/difficulties that emerge when using new technologies and suggestions on how to solve them. Professional development using new technologies.

Jenny Horta: 2.0 in education

Sérgio F Lima: How ICTs can be used to reinvent our daily school routine.

Wolney: blogging and teacher training.

Suzana Gutierrez: what kind of culture is built through the use of this new technology (this culture being part of a wider culture inside which we are inserted and not a separate entity) and its implication in daily teaching practice and education in general.

This has been a full education week in different formats. A formal top down conference and presentations sponsored by the corporate world on Tuesday and Wednesday and a DIY unconference on Saturday 🙂 Looking forward to it!

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