Educational podcasting for teaching and learning

Through Eric Baber, a link to a comprehensive directory with over 2500 podcast channels for teaching and learning made in the UK, with tips for educators, video-channels and a weblog.

Eric has also just opened an ExtremeTechnoELT community on Moodle housing a number of different discussion fora for advanced of IT in ELT. Not for newbies or the faint-hearted.

3 thoughts on “Educational podcasting for teaching and learning”

  1. Hi Bee
    I am interested in developing a podcast project with my ESOL adult learners in the next academic year (September here in England). I am trying to ‘find’ another group of adult ESOL/EFL learners abroad and get them to communicate with each other. It would be really interesting in terms of developing speaking and listening skills and also in terms of sharing learning and cultural experiences. I won’t know the learners’ level until September, since every academic year I get different classes/levels.
    Do you know anyone who would be interested in joining this ‘challenge’?

  2. Frieda,
    YOu can find a long list of people involved in web-publishing projects at I will send your request to the lists I know and see if someone would like to hook up with your class.


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