Firewalls of the Mind

Firewalls of the Mind
Firewalls of the Mind,
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In Lesley’s Graham’s Peregrinations, I found the tip to Letter James, which allows you to insert a personalized text on a given picture motif. I first heard the expression firewalls of the mind used by Vance Stevens . As I looked at the Berlin Wall photo, I couldn’t resist subverting it by scrawling my message on it. Emily Pohl-Weary on graffiti says: “public postering is an evolving medium of social dissent, community communication and grassroots promotion.”

The fermentation of ideas, the associations and connections created by these online readings and conversations is what most attracts me to blogging…. They renew my perception, inspire me and encourage me to act.

A collection of quotes from recent read blogs:

Robert Patterson says blogs are ” a generative space in which we can give birth to our lost voice. As we find our voice, we begin to wake up….This open space invites us to speak in public. Hesitantly at first we speak the old way. But now and then the occasional real voice pops out. As it does, others notice and drop by and encourage us. Encouraged we use our real voice more often. More people drop by and encourage us. Community begins to form…”

reflecting on the post above deplores the “societies of people alienated and manipulated by institutions of government, big business, advertising, and healthcare, while institutions of education merely provide more fodder for the status quo machine: brainwashed, powerless, and mentally enslaved “citizens”
who equate happiness with material possession and consume, vote, and act in accordance with such conditioning”

Flemming Funchs “An old rigid civilization is reluctantly dying. Something new, open, free and exciting is waking up”

Yes…once you allow yourself time to explore, connect, interact and collaborate instead of quartering yourself to your confines, consuming and complaining, you unfold, become more autonomous and creative. Bring down these firewalls of the mind, look at the world out there with your own eyes and let your voice be heard!


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