The TALO network reaches once again beyond the technology enhanced online space to engage in proactive e-learning hands-on events.

The focus of the FLNW2 trip to Thailand from January 16th to 28th is to seek ways to network in a wider and more culturally diverse reference group and give both physical and virtual participants the opportunity to be exposed, get acquainted, embrace and implement creative activities that build social inclusion, participation, access and choice. Although the main format for the meetings will be the unconference model, a series of keynotes online are planned.

The FLNW 2 event follows on from the FLNW event which I participated in New Zealand in 2006.

I have succeeded in convincing myself to fly all the way down to Bangkok. I have already met f2f some of the people who will be travelling with and am looking forward to connecting with the others…have already added them to my Facebook friend list, which keeps growing.

It will be summer holidays for me so I have more time to play with. I will try to substitute the traditional 30-hour trip via Johannesburg by a stop in Sydney first. I can spend some days recovering from the jet lag, visiting friends and relaxing a bit before throwing myself at another learning adventure in far away lands. I’d also like to make contact with more people, learn from them and share my experience. Then, it will be much nicer to spend the 7 hour flight to Thailand already chatting with the group.

In order to raise funds, contributions can be made either in kind or through the TALO ChipIn – which I have embeded here on the side. Drop your penny and help us bring Thai educators to visit us next time.

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