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Entre tous les CMS (content management systems = systèmes de gestion de contenu) gratuits que j’ ai consulté jusqu’ à présent, je préfère Blogger car l’ interface est simple, très intuitive, avec de grands caractères (un bonus pour ceux qui portent des lunettes) et facile à comprendre (pour ceux qui lisent l’ anglais).

Néanmoins, je vous passe quand même des adresses d’ hébérgeurs en toutes les langues pour que vous puissiez faire votre choix selon vos necessités et objectifs. Voir la liste d’ adresses utiles sur la colonne à droite.

4 thoughts on “Hébergeurs (CMS) Blogues”

  1. Bee, have you seen that Blogger is changing their interface and that, to say the least, it doesn’t work as well as it used to? They are trying to fix it I think but at the moment, it’s not working so well.
    Let’s hope that by the time we get to Cyber-Langues, everything will be back in good shape.

  2. Hi Claude,
    I noticed the change but have not had any problems until now. Why do you say it is not working well? What glitches have you noticed?

  3. The new interface took about a week to get more settled. It inserted code into your blogs and changed the look of your stuff. But now it looks like it’s settled. Except for macintosh os 9.2.2, but I refuse to move on to OS X as I don’t want to buy software…
    Which means I have to code all my messages when I am on holiday… 🙁
    One thing is it teaches me quite a lot ;o)

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