Intercultural Competence

Margit introduced the Intercultural Competence strand this morning with 4 questions for reflection and organized a number of awarenes raising activities to illustrate these points.

  1. What is intercultural competence?
  2. How do we develop intercultural competence in our classrooms?
  3. How do we challenge stereotypes?
  4. How can we give our students a taste of different world English cultures?
    I’d like to share with you some of the projects I have conducted with my students in classEurope in Brazil – 70 students 8th grade students introduce themselves for a classroom twinning activity and talk about their roots. At a first moment, in groups they write a paragraph in 3rd person about one of the colleagues in the group (discovering the other and writing about him) and on another occasion, they write about their own family origins.
    Personal narratives of this kind could also be done individually on Photo Story 3, using photographs, narration and music, like the one I prepared for this Summer School.

    You can have a look at this lesson plan on stereotypes and the result of a classroom twinning on stereotypes conducted on forums with students from countries all over the world.

    For Vanessa’s strand on Global Issues, there are links of how activities were developed in class on my project page under the This is Our Time category and also a reading comprehension exercise online on tolerance. As for critical reading, have a look at the Meaning Behind the Logo page.

    Check Nella’s and Chris Lima’s report on the BC site.

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