Intercultural Studies Seminar

I have just arrived in Curitiba in the state of Paraná to take part in the Intercultural Studies Seminar led by professors from the University of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, Braz-Tesol Teacher Education SIG and sponsored by the British Council. The aim is to design and develop web-based ELT materials for intercultural education in state schools.

I was already wearing my pyjamas and was about to finish this paragraph when Roberta, my very energetic and talkative room mate arrived from Palmas, Tocantins. After a few phone calls, she discovered that the rest of the group (whom I had not yet met) was having fun in town. She urged me to change again and off we went to Santa República, a dancing spot in the Santa Felicidade district.

There I was introduced to a number of people… Mariza de Almeida from UFPR and leader of the project; Julian Wing from the British Council. The most unexpected was when I discovered there were two other EFL teachers…who also spoke Polish. One was born here, while the other, who was born and raised in Poland, was accompanying her British husband working here. So there we were , 3 Poles , finding information about each other in the small hours of the morning. The world is small and definitely full of coincidences!

We were back much too late for me to continue writing this bit, so I am jotting these words as I try to focus and get ready for a long day of conferences and work. Mariza told me she expects to see about 40 people, teachers coming from every corner of the State of Paraná. This evening we will also be having a video-conference with John Corbett, from the University of Glasgow. (to be continued)

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