K12-Conference Fireside Chat

Ewan McIntosh has just skyped me and invited me to take part in the K12 conference Fireside Chat, a warm-up for the K12 Online Conference Week 2 .

K12 Fireside Chat

Lots of participants in the room: Will Richardson, Darren Kuropatwa, Cheryl Oakes, Julie Lindsay, Dave Cormier and many other great bloggers and social tool users.


A celebration of learning as Anne Davis is saying, while she explains how she first started blogging and how events like these are important to encourage other teachers to join and also fight the obstacles at school and unleash the existing potential to make change happen in the classrooms.
Anne Davis

Ewan is keen to explore if the excitement we feel is enough to motivate people who are not involved in ICT and how we should go about it. He gives examples of his experience when asking teachers to produce and share their own content and resources.


Next week presenters are now introducing themselves and giving an overview of their presentations and how they got involved in the event…ooops …got disconnected…too many windows open!

Check the K12 Online Conference Wiki and join the conversation!

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