Once Upon a School

Juliano Spyer has just directed me to the “Once upon a school” presentation made by David Eggers, Ted Prize Awards 2008 winner.

Eggers speaks about 826 Valencia, a San Francisco-based writing and tutoring lab for young people, and urges more people to get involved with their local schools and share their stories through his website Once Upon a School. .

For him, “”empowering a child with writing is the essence of democracy”.

3 thoughts on “Once Upon a School”

  1. I liked that, ”empowering a child with writing is the essence of democracy”.
    The writing skills in Spanish of students in Argentina are going down constantly and systematically. I want to think this is the result of indifference or ignorance. But they are so successful in limiting students’ abilities that I sometimes think there must be a plan.

  2. Dear Bee,
    this is such an inspiring story.

    And the best part of it is the fact that this story doesn’t only belong to one’s imaginations. they are also true.
    WOW. I dream on day to be part of something so noble! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.


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